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Secret Mansion Secret Mansion

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A nice horror comedy

Good job, Alligatorhead.

You draw very well and the change of perspectives makes it more interesting to watch as well - especially the kitchenscene and the chessfloor. I could suggest a tougher look for your main character's face. Keep up the good work with your backgrounds.

Stick to the genre you're going for. I thought you were aiming for a scary horror-movie as you said in the comment. It turned out (for me) to be a comical horrormovie, which I enjoyed. This is where some the main potential lies in improvements to be made.
If you're going to give the viewer a creepy feeling or scare him/her, plan it carefully and build up the scenes, and remember the important use of music and contrasts. This is also important in your battles - put the character in a tricky situation (like you did good but once with him stuck in his wheelchair, back against the wall and unarmed). Even the heroes get damaged from time to time, remember that and it'll get more exciting (for my meatsword).
I like the way you improvised the first battle. My favourite part was his special shield. I had a good laugh when the screwdriver went where it belonged.
The plot was good for a horror setting. If you're going for a comedy horror-toon, you can add lots of amusing comments from both sides instead of overusing"fuck, shit, fuck that, wtf". Check out Bruce Cambell's comments in the movies Evil Dead 1-3 and you'll know what I mean.

A few things in the end:
Animating smooth walking and running isn't the easiest thing to do, which you've also experienced. A few fixes in the joints and it'll be good :)
Sound is important, especially when they're trying to have a convo with background music. Turn down the musicvolume in the next one.
I love clowns and you draw 'em great, but they misfitted in the scene. (You should have let 'em be where they belonged - in circus or in your other submission you made (Mister Clown Head)). "Clowns are scary" many ppl say, but that doesn't excuse the use of 'em here. I thought it was zombie trouble, not a circus in town : )

Good luck finishing part II. Add more jokes and it's a winner.
May the frames be with you.


AligatorHead responds:

haha cool. this moment, im working on secret mansion 2... yeah i've improved over time. yup, people will get damaged. in this one. its true of the main character doesnt get hurt it aint that scary. cause in part 1 i one got hurt or you couldnt see the capabilities of the zombies. IN part two...hoa shit... you can see what tehy are capable of or some shit like that. but yeah, many surprises in part two! once secret mansion is done it'll be 15 minutes of animation. 15 minutes on DVD, is that good? i duno, the point is im animnating now and i came here to look at part one. well cya. thanks for the exilirating review.

A Simple Line 7 A Simple Line 7

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A random animation with huge differences...

The animation was random, a few scenes were very impressive. It seems like you're using this animation as an exuse to add lots of drafted short animations into a large one, except for TFC who stood out and saved the gfx-score from an awful one. The quality of the work ranged a bit too much for my eyes. I've seen it twice to check if I "missed" something, but I didn't.

I suggest you talented animators can try to make a huge (scripted) project instead of mixing massive pieces of drafted effects and drawings.

Good luck and have fun!

Roger McLouse PART 2 Roger McLouse PART 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great british humour, animation and voicing!

The voicing by Lee was impressive and hilarious (Has he been working for Psycho Circus, or where can the voice be hired?-) You've given the caracters and backgrounds shadows, which brings it up to another level. The whole idea is BRILLIANT, Mr Kirk!
The little detail where the fly came from, just proves my point.

A little tip at the end -> Name your episodes without "PART X". It's better to include just the name of the caracter and a good title.

I laughed my eyes out! This masterpiece should have been awarded. I've seen both parts and hope you'll come up with a third ASAP! : )

Rock'n hump on!
Vote Kirk for prez!

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Primitive Primitive

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An unique style that might touch you

Oh, yeah! This was something different! The music and the pictures were damn good! I seldom use the word beautiful, but this was so BEAUTIFUL and alive! (Even though the subject aint beautiful.) I'm glad you didn't choose the accustic version of the song Save Me, that wouldn't work the same way as this one did.

What I disliked very much, was the stickman. A few more lines + a touch of details on him, would have given him a silhouette and fit into this animation.

I won't waste my or your time by giving my interpretation of the symbolic parts. This is a poem of images, this is art. You've got good skills and see the big picture. . This will be put in my favourites. I'll watch more of your work later.

Maybe the stickman was made like that for a purpose, simple and primitiv as a part of the expression. I hope so and will look at him again with one eye closed.

Overall it deserves a 10 for your style and very well drawn pics!.
This flash deserves alot better score than it has.
Rock on

Baddeeds responds:

Thanks mate i agree. I made him a stickman because at this point in my flash-making career i was awful at animating walking! Cheers for the review mate. Dave

The Beer Song video The Beer Song video

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a good'n true beer video! :-))

LOL! Thx for a good laugh! Very well done! I had to watch it again cause I felt thirsty. I'll make myself a cup of gløgg after this good tribute to beer. The combination of pics imported, your own animation and drawings, made the music video very good. You illustrated and did the SYNCH to the music, beat'n lyrics AWSOMELY!

I'll drink my gløgg to this!

Loading Screen Loading Screen

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

HAHAHAHAHA! Got me deluxe! Simple and easy fun :-D

I'll give you cred for the perfect timing of the sound - from the moment I decided to turn up the volume, and my face was next to the screen, till the ending... That timing saved you from my hammer, Mr Maggot.

Unemployed Ninjas Unemployed Ninjas

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Don't lose your job, ninja!

LOL - great idea/plot! The characters were well done. I gave it a 5 for violence cause my ass felt pain at one point and had sympathy for the ninja... The music by Øystein Sunde suited too! Have a GLØGG og god jul!

Keep on rockin'

El-Fjongo responds:

thank you! ^^, god jul til deg og! *drinking gløgg*

November November

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A nice scary amusing pic with a special atmosphere

(Don't read my review if you haven't watched his toon yet.)

Greetings, Josh!
The storyline, buildup and how you organized this flash was good. The sound of the windwhistling as an intro to the Waits' song suited perfect. Ingenious idea to use his music to describe the depressing life it SEEMS Mr Oatsman HAS. (Not "had" - I'll explain why later.-) I almost felt sorry for him..

The light blue colour in the little gas-flame, adding shadows, the shelf and the stuff on it that belongs in an old kitchen, the wind in the cat's face, just proved that what you "threw together", actually came out very nice and raised the quality. The expressions in Oatsman's face was realistic and fun too. The explotion and heat was great! :-D Just a little more work with the burning house would have made the toon complete.

The scariest and funniest part of your little masterpiece is that I KNOW who the Oatsman is! He has survieved, that's for sure! The meat we saw descended on the ground, was just a piece of his baconass. His post-traumatic stress syndrome after the attack led him to the northern parts of Norway where he has settled in a location that reminds me of the area in your picture. Now it seems like he's recovered and gained a bit more weight after he changed his diet from oats to MEAT, lot's of meat.. The similarity between your pic and how he looks today can't be a coincidence. His name is ROY and he's known as a dirty minded loner drinking a special sick mixture called GLØGG (gloegg) that makes him happy.

If I or someone else I know make a flash about him, I'll let you know. In the meantime - keep up the good work and R.I.P. (Rock in peace).


Tricky bangbanggooberblat Tricky bangbanggooberblat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A nice'n simple flash with so much love!

LMAO! No violence in "Heaven". This is the way to appreciate Jesus. If you've got more cunning cumming ideas about the subject, visualise and post it ASAP! Well done, Sir! :-D

Krinkels responds:

Oh, I've made much worse. But none of you will ever see it.